On Jan 1, 2012, ALFISIG became a virtual community under the management of the PMI Birmingham Board of Directors.  Monthly ALFISIG meeting dates, times and conference call number have not changed.   You will be required to register for the ALFISIG meeting via the PMI Birmingham website, just like you register for the PMI Birmingham Chapter meetings!  It’s that simple!

The Alabama Financial Institution Special Interest Group (ALFISIG) for Project Management is a volunteer organization established in 2002 by PMI Birmingham Board members as a subsidiary group for Project Managers in the financial industry.  ALFISIG has grown to include PMs from many industries such as Insurance, Health Care, IT Communications, Banking and Auto Manufacturing.  ALFISIG offers an informal forum for PMs to share experiences and knowledge with colleagues via face to face meetings and audio presentations.   Membership is free and open to anyone in the Project Management discipline.  Simply email the Board of Directors at alfisig@gmail.com to be added to the distribution group and receive the monthly meeting agendas, times and topics.

ALFISIG presentation topics for the 2010 year included Individual Project Case studies, Introductory Overview of ITIL Version 3, Success in the Huddle: Effective Implementation of the Lessons Learned Process, How to Track Your Projects , and Managing Expectations.   

PMPs will earn 1 PDU for each meeting attended.

2012 Directors and Associate Directors

Director of Administration – Brandi Sheets Brandi.Sheets@bbvacompass.com

Associate Director of Best Practices – Kelly McCay Kelly.Mccay@bbvacompass.com

Associate Director of Communication and Membership – Deb Ingram Deb.Ingram@bbvacompass.com

Associate Director of Education – Shelley Vasko shelley.vasko@gmail.com

Associate Director at Large – Belinda Singleton belinda.singleton@daimler.com

2011 Board of Directors

Director of Administration – Pamela Smith pmdsmith@windstream.net

Director of Best Practices – Melissa Peterson melissa.peterson@regions.com

Director of Communication and Membership – Belinda Singleton belinda.singleton@daimler.com

  Director of Education – Deb Ingram  Deb.Ingram@bbvacompass.com

Director at Large – Brandi Sheets  Brandi.Sheets@bbvacompass.com

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