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2014 AFLSIG Officer Election Polls

Below  are your candidates for the 2014  ALFISIG board of directors.  The voting poll will be open November 15th thru November 29th.  Please take a moment and vote for these 5 ALFISIG positions along with general questions following.    The results will be shared with the membership via email announcement on December 2nd.

Administrative Director (one candidate)

Diane Chu Weldon – I  am currently a project manager at Regions Bank for the eBusiness group.  I have over 16 years experience in the financial services and healthcare industries with 13 of those years in project management. I received my  Project Management Professional (PMP) certification in 2004,  Master in Project Management certificate in 2004, and Six Sigma Black Belt certification in 2006.  I have been a member of ALFISIG since 2003 and previously held the Director of Best Practices several years ago.  I am a graduate of University of Alabama in Huntsville with a Master of Science in Management degree and a Bachelor of Science in Business degree.  Prior to my employment at Regions Bank, I worked as a Technology Project Manager at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama and a Project Manager/Business Partner at BBVA Compass Bank. I live in Hoover’s Riverchase Country Club subdivision with my husband and two small children.


Committee Member at Large (one candidate)

Kelly McCay – I am currently a Technology & Support Services Business Partner at BBVA Compass. I’ve been in project management for approximately nine years and received my PMP certification in 2008. I have been a member of ALFISIG since 2007 and have served as Director of Administration and Director of Best Practices. I currently reside in Hoover, AL with my husband and two children. I appreciate your consideration for Committee Member at large.

Director of Communications (one candidate)

Deb Ingram – I have over 30 years of experience serving in various leadership roles in Information Technology. I received my PMP Certification in February of 2008,  and currently working with BBVA Compass as a VP, Lead IT  Business Partner in  Technology & Support Services  at BBVA Compass supporting projects in Regulatory, Compliance, Audit and Legal arenas.  I have severed as a board member for ALFISIG for the previous 5 years, 1 of which as the Director of Communications, 3 of which as the Director of Education and 1 as the Director of Administration.  I am a graduate of Birmingham Southern College with a Business degree. I reside in Hoover, A and outside of my primary job, I enjoy playing the piano for church orchestra, teaching private piano lessons, riding Harley’s, and trying to keep up with my son.

Director of Education (one candidate) 

Shelley Vasko – Shelley Atwell-Vasko is an independent project management consultant.  Since 1990, she has led projects in the advertising, publishing, banking, and insurance industries.

As project management focuses on the keys to success in a project, Shelley takes this mindset and focus into most areas of her life.  This chosen profession combined with her desire to help others be successful often allows for personal growth to occur.  She gives back to others through filling the role of a mentor, coaching for PMP certification, and provides a constant challenge to friends and colleagues toward reaching their personal and professional goals.  Her previous time spent in advertising and marketing still plays into her current role, editing articles for PMI Worldwide, and several other publications.

An advocate for PMI, Shelley has spoken at various chapter PMI and ALFIG meetings, and open PMI events to promote the growth of the project management industry. Shelley also served as the 2012 ALFISIG Director of Education.

When not working, Shelley enjoys the piano or any of 8 other musical instruments she plays, furthering her education, and spending time with family.  She is currently based out of Birmingham, Alabama, and may be reached at for comments or questions.

 Director of Best Practices (one candidate) 

Melissa Peterson – Currently, I am a  Technology & Support Services Business Partner at BBVA Compass for Wealth Management.  I received my PMP Certification in 2009 and my Green Belt in Six Sigma in 2006.  I’ve been in project management for approximately eight years.  I have been a member of ALFISIG since 2005 and have served as Director of Best Practice and Committee Member at Large.  I appreciate your consideration for Director of Best Practices


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ALFISIG 2014 Officer Nominations

ALFISIG is conducting the new officer elections for 2014! Listed below are the available positions along with a short description of the responsibilities.

If you are interested in running for any of these positions, please provide an Interest Statement why you are interested in the specific position along with a short bio.  You may email your nomination to the 2013  Officers  at

Nominations will be accepted until EOD TUESDAY, November 12th.   The Interest Statement and a short bio will be available on the ALFISIG website for review by the AFLSIG membership during the voting period. New officer voting will take place from Monday November 18  through Friday  November 29. The new 2014  ALFISIG board of directors will be announced on Monday, December 2nd. The 2013 ALFISIG board will contact the new 2014 ALFISIG board to transfer knowledge and conduct necessary training before the 2014 term.

The 2014  ALFISIG board members are eligible to earn 1 PDU for every hour of board member service, not to exceed 45 PDUs within the volunteer category. Please review the PDU credential requirements.

The Administrative Director Serves as the chief executive officer for PMI-AL FISIG and of the Board and shall perform such duties as are customary for presiding officers, including making all required appointments with the approval of the Board. The Administrative Director shall also serve as a member ex-officio with the right to vote on all committees.
The Director of Best Practices  Has the same authority and duties as the Administrative Director but shall perform them only at the  request of the Administrative Director or when the Administrative Director is not available. Also the Director of Best Practices shall be tasked with developing and maintaining a compilation of “best practices” as discussed and forwarded by the membership. This best practices repository shall be accessible at all times to the membership and will be alterable by the Director of Best Practices under the direction of the board. Additionally, the Director of Best Practices shall coordinate the record keeping of all business meetings of PMI-AL FISIG and meetings of the Board as well as overseeing the management of funds for duly authorized purposes of PMI-ALFISIG.
The Director of Membership and Communication  Responsible for establishing the venue for membership meetings and board meetings. The Director of  Membership and Communication will be required to maintain the appropriate communications with PMI Birmingham and PMI to facilitate the membership accumulating PDUs or for any other reason required by either the PMI Birmingham or PMI bylaws or guidelines.   The Director of Membership and Communication is also responsible for managing the ALFISIG website.
The Director of Education Oversees the establishment of the membership meeting agendas including the topic, speaker, and other business relating to the operations of the group as a whole.
The Committee Member at Large Assists the Administrative Director and other Board Directors with their responsibilities and participate on committees established by the Administrative Director as needed.

2014 ALFISIG Board expectations as outlined in the ALFISIG by-laws:

• If any officer ceases to be in good standing by failing to attend two (2) consecutive Board meetings, the Board shall declare the position to be vacant. An officer may resign by submitting written notice to the Board. Unless another time is specified in the notice or determined by the Board, an officer’s resignation shall be effective upon receipt by the Board.
• An officer may be removed from office for dishonesty, fraud, and/or misrepresentation in connection with the affairs of the organization, or unwillingness or inability to perform the duties of an officer by a two-thirds vote of the Board (excluding the vote of the affected officer).
• If any office becomes vacant, the Board may appoint a successor to fill the office. In the event the Administrative Director is unable or unwilling to complete the current term of office, the Director of Best Practices shall assume the Administrative Director’s duties and office. In the event the Director of Best Practices is unable or unwilling to fulfill the role of Administrative Director, the Board may vote any other current member of the Board to the position for the remainder of the predecessor’s term.

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