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June 27th 2012 ALFISIG Meeting Announcement

The June  meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 27th, 2012.

Here are the details for the  meeting.

 Topic – Levels of Leadership in Project Management
 Speaker – Shelley Atwell-VaskoDebashish Dey
 Date – June 27,  2012  11:30 am, Central Daylight Time
 Location – Audio Only  Meeting Call-in toll-free number.   Registration required to attend and for details.

AGENDA Attachment:   Agenda – ALFISIG 2012-06-27


Shelley Atwell-Vasko is an independent project management consultant.  Since 1990, she has led projects in the advertising, publishing, banking, and insurance industries.Shelley’s expertise in leading critical or failing projects to success has taken her from coordinating travel magazines to leading high profile projects during merger.  She is now providing strategic level consulting to merge 7 companies into a single organization.

As project management focuses on the keys to success in a project, Shelley takes this mindset and focus into most areas of her life.  This chosen profession combined with her desire to help others be successful often allows for personal growth to occur.  She gives back to others through filling the role of a mentor, coaching for PMP certification, and provides a constant challenge to friends and colleagues toward reaching their personal and professional goals.  Her previous time spent in advertising and marketing still plays into her current role, editing articles for PMI Worldwide, and several other publications.

An advocate for PMI, Shelley has spoken at various chapter PMI and ALFIG meetings, and open PMI events to promote the growth of the project management industry..

When not working, Shelley enjoys the piano or any of 8 other musical instruments she plays, furthering her education, and spending time with family.  She is currently based out of Birmingham, Alabama, and may be reached at for comments or questions.

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