Exciting News for ALFISIG!

2012 will bring some exciting new changes for ALFISIG!

In 2011, The Project Management Institute changed their policies for reporting, maintaining and earning PDUs.   To ensure that ALFISIG continues to provide you with accurate and fair PDUs opportunities and reporting practices, the ALFISIG Board of Directors have strengthened the relationship between ALFISIG and PMI Birmingham!

On Jan 1, 2012, ALFISIG became a virtual community under the management of the PMI Birmingham Board of directors, mainly the PMI Birmingham Director of Education, Steve Volz.   Reporting to Steve Volz will be the ALFISIG Director of Administration, Brandi Sheets.  In turn, the ALFISIG Associate Director of Communications (Deb Ingram), ALFISIG Associate Director of Education (Shelly Vacko), ALFISIG Associate Director of Best Practices (Kelly McCay), and the ALFISIG Associate Director at large (Belinda Singleton) will report to the ALFISIG Director of Administration.

What new features will you see? 

Our monthly ALFISIG meeting dates, times and conference call number will not change.   You will be required to register for the ALFISIG event via the PMI Birmingham website, just like you register for the PMI Birmingham Chapter meetings!  It’s that simple!

ALFISIG meeting will continue to be FREE for all PMI Birmingham Members.  When PMI Birmingham Members register on-line, ALFISIG will happily file your PDU claim for you.  You will no longer need to claim your PDU!

A small $2.50 charge will be required for all NON PMI Birmingham members.  This can be paid on-line when you register for the ALFISIG meeting.  All NON PMI Birmingham members will need to remember to claim their PDU for attending the ALFISIG monthly meeting.

You will continue to receive ALFISIG gmail reminders and you can always visit the ALFISIG website!

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